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Ross Radke
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United States
Grew up near Seattle, WA. Graduate of Montana State University's School of Film (Motion Picture/Video/Television). I view myself primarily as a storyteller, rather than an artist. Currently working on some personal comic book projects and available for commissions.
On August 23rd I decided to offer unlimited free commissions for the rest of the year. I wasn't sure what the response would be like or if I'd be able to keep up. Things started slow, with only one request that first day, but by the end of the month I had 25. Luckily things slowed down to a more reasonable pace as the weeks passed. Between Aug 23rd and Nov 7th, I had accrued 57 requests; 21 completed so far, 36 left to do. Out of those 57 requests, two commissioners offered me money for more elaborate requests. I was also offered the chance to partner with an aspiring comic book writer, at a page rate I felt was reasonable for my current level of experience. After realizing that even if I did a drawing a day, I was still about a month behind, I decided to stop taking any more free requests. The main reason I decided to cut this off was because I purchased tickets to Emerald City Comic Con next April and want to be able to spend more time on sequential art for my portfolio. My goal is still to finish the rest of these requests by the end of the year. I am still open to taking paid commissions and info can be found below.

  Commission DetailsUPDATED PRICING FOR 2016!
In order to maintain a more consistent and higher quality of work, I've decided to raise my commission prices. I don't want to feel like I'm doing sloppy work or rushing because of how much I am asking. I want my prices to be a more accurate reflection of the time I spend on each piece, comparable to the hourly wage I make at my full time job in retail.
$10 per character in B/W, $15 grayscale, $20 per character with flat colors, $30 per character will get you rendered colors/digital painting, $20 additional for background or vehicle. The final art will be posted online and emailed to the buyer at full resolution (11x17" 300dpi). These are ballpark prices, the complexity of the character and environment may affect my ability to charge more or less. I always keep clients updated with posts of my work in progress, from sketch to final colors. I'm willing to make reasonable changes along the way free of charge. Payment accepted through PayPal only. Send me

I was surprised by the amount of original characters requested. While there is some gray area on what constitutes an "original character" based in an existing franchise/fandom, I would say that about 75% of the requests were for OC's. While any request is an opportunity to grow as an artist, the problem with OC's is that they don't generate as much traffic to my gallery as existing characters from popular culture. So I'm effectively spending most of my drawing time on characters that a very small portion of the online community will care about. This isn't a judgement of the quality of the OC's themselves, but the reality is that most people are searching for artwork of characters they already know and love.

Another thing I learned from doing this was that it's one thing to offer free sketches and quite another to actually have to draw something with the intent of posting it. I wanted to do quick BW sketches for the most part, but I also didn't want to post a bunch of crap. If it was going online, I wanted it to be a good representation of my talents as an artist, which in some cases took several passes at the line art, or quick colors to mask the sloppiness of the drawing. I watched a video interview where a comic artist said that having a few really good pieces you are proud of is better than having ton of mediocre stuff you rushed. That sort of made me reassess why I was doing this and how I should finish.

I want to thank all of my followers who have actually been actively involved in this experiment, who are invested in my growth as an artist and not just here for a free drawing. People with interests and goals similar to mine seem to be the minority on DeviantArt community, but I appreciate the diversity of passions and opinions of those who take the time to comment on my art. I will be honest, some of you are obsessed with some strangely specific and obscure stuff - but what's the point of a community like this if you can't embrace your own weirdness!

Check out the gallery below for my progress thus far.…

  • Listening to: Tears for Fears
  • Reading: KLIMT Life and Work
  • Watching: Star Wars (on Blu-ray)


Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy by RtRadke
Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy
I don't know much about these Jack Kirby characters but I plan to remedy that soon. They sure are fun to draw.
Bone by RtRadke
Fan art of Jeff Smith’s BONE, which I am reading for the first time this year and has been a huge source of inspiration.
I started with the exact layout of the classic Star Wars poster but it didn't feel right so I changed Thorn's pose and added the rat creatures to make if feel more like Bone. With the hatchey line art I was going for (and probably failed to achieve) a Gustave Doré, Sergio Toppi, Eric Canete vibe. More restrained cartooning is very trendy right now in comics but many of the artists I admire aren’t afraid to put a lot of marks on the page. Since Jeff Smith so brilliant with doing more with simpler lines and shapes, I thought I’d go the opposite direction with this tribute.

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Robenix Featured By Owner Edited Feb 20, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
It's just under the wire, but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Hope you'll continue to be inspired over the next 365 days~
RtRadke Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016  Professional Artist
Thank you!
LucyRanelle Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2016  Student General Artist
Hello, and happy happy birthday to youu~!^^
I´ve featured my favorite piece of your wonderful art here:…

Have a great day ::hug:
RtRadke Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2016  Professional Artist
Thank you very much! I always appreciate people sharing my drawings.
EmperorBitaman Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2016  Student Digital Artist
H A P P Y      B I R T H                               DA  Y 
RtRadke Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2016  Professional Artist
DivineComics Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you for the support and all the +fav's
rainpeltkitty Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I absolutely love your realistic Pokemon art!  You are a very talented artist, and I love your style.  Keep up the good work. <3
RtRadke Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015  Professional Artist
Thank you! It was a fun project. If you are interested, I am taking (very cheap) commissions for more pokemon. You can find the details here at my journal. Spread the word!…
rainpeltkitty Featured By Owner May 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome :)
Shall do!
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